Hurricane Elm for Hannah, Dora and Vlad.
A rare and beautiful tree from Brighton cemetery, blown over in the great October storm in 1987, planked, seasoned and planed with care by Robin Carter at Timber Resources and turned into two dovetail benches, four bookshelves, bathroom and washroom shelving, one double bed and one big waney wall unit.
September 2011

After sorting the wood into lengths {nook} built a workbench from a door that the builders opposite had skipped.

{nook} would like to thank Dora, Jiri and Matt for their constructive contributions.

One big waney wall unit with hole.

Two benches made from two planks each, each plank providing one leg and one back or seat.

No nails/glue/screws were used in the making of these benches.

Dovetail joins form the corners of the double bed

The large headboard allows the unique grain of the elm to speak

Thanks to Hannah, Dora and Vlad for their enthusiastic encouragment throughout the project.